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Anton Stankowski

Anton Stankowski

Stankowski 06
Aspects of His Complete Oeuvre

Edited by Ulrike Gauss and the Stankowski Foundation
German/English 2006.
408 pages, 1019 figs.,
681 in color
4.50 x 32 cm
ISBN 3-7757-1743-9

The book is out of print,
but here still available

Catalogue Stankowski 06
Aspects of His Complete Oeuvre

In his multifaceted oeuvre, Anton Stankowski (1906–1998) constantly pursued a total approach to design. Having completed an apprenticeship as a decorative painter, Stankowski was influenced by the Bauhaus and the Zürcher Konkreten. Toward the end of the 1920s, his work in the fine arts concentrated on fundamental visual elements and at the same time, his masterful abstract photography, witty advertising graphics, and inventive company logos were excellent visual examples from the field of applied arts. During the post-war years, besides his logos for SEL, the Süddeutscher Rundfunk, and the Deutsche Bank, Stankowski came up with a theory of design involving visual planes, as well as numerous paintings and designs of high artistic merit. In honor of his 100th birthday, this monograph features the entire spectrum of his surprising innovations, which continue to set standards to this day.


Hatje Cantz
Prof. Gerwin Schmidt
Stiftung Buchkunst



Works on Paper, 1927 to 1939
Ulrike Gauss, Kassandra Nakas

The Design Theory
Peter von Kornatzki

Pre-war Commercial Prints
Jörg Stürzebecher

Early Panel Paintings 1929 to 1939
Stephan von Wiese

The Posters
René Grohnert

Ulrike Gauss, Kassandra Nakas
"The Obliques" – from the 1931

Flyer to the Visual Objects of the 1980s
Stephan von Wiese



Functional Graphics
Werner Meyer

Post-war Logos and Graphic Design
Karl Duschek

Serial Sculptures and Design in the Public Space
Karl Duschek

Paintings from the 1950s to the 1990s
Ursula Zeller

The Sketchbooks
Werner Meyer, Annett Reckert

Catalogue Design
Prof. Gerwin Schmidt

Ekkehard Beck
and Michael Heß
Stankowski + Duschek

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