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In 1985, the first Stankowski Prize was awarded to the artist and designer Almir Mavignier of Hamburg. The exhibition was shown in Berlin's Bauhaus-Archiv.

In 1986, Dr.h.c. Willi Daume, President of the Organizing Committee for the games of the XX Olympiad in Munich in 1972, received the prize. Willi Daume had realized the idea of the unity of art and design in a most exemplary manner at ihe 1972 Olympic Games. His achievements were honoured in three exhibitions, held at the Orangerie in Kassel, the Gesellschaft fuer Kunst und Gestaltung in Bonn and in the Munich Kulturzentrum.

In 1988, the prize went to Hans Peter Hoch, graphic designer in Baltmannsweiler-Hohengehren near Stuttgart. The Wiesbaden Museum and the Design Center in Stuttgart presented the exhibition of Hoch's work.

The recipient of the prize for 1990 was the Dutch designer and director of the Boymans-van Beuningen Museum, Wim Crouwel, to whom exhibitions at the Wiesbaden Museum and the Design Center in Stuttgart were dedicated.

In 1993, its tenth anniversary year, the Foundation honoured the American artist and architect Donald Judd with the award of its prize. The exhibition was shown at the Wiesbaden Museum, the Staedtische Kunstsammlungen in Chemnitz, the Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe and the Museum of Modern in Oxford.

The sixth recipent of the prize, in 1995, was the Duesseldorfer sculptor-architect, Erwin Heerich, with exhibitions at the Kunstmuseum Duesseldorf im Ehrenhof, the Neues Museum Weserburg, Museum Wiesbaden and the Staedtische Galerie Goeppingen.

The 1997 award has gone to Ingo Guenther. His exhibition, curated by the Kunstmuseum Duesseldorf, was shown at the Kunsthalle Duesseldorf and the Neues Museum Weserburg.

In 2000, an institution was awarded: the Kunsthaus Bregenz. The commitment of Edelbert Koeb was honoured who has conceived the museum to bring together art and architecture.

In 2001, the photographer Stefan Moses from Munich was awarded for his lifework. An exhibition in the Stadtmuseum Munich and a catalogue show a retrospective of his oeuvre.

In 2009 the Foundation is honouring the Atelier Van Lieshout, based in Rotterdam. An exhibition in the Kunsthalle Göppingen is connected with the award. The works of Joep van Lieshout combine the authonomy of various inventions with an allways integrated conception of a possible use of the objects and installations.

2014 the designer Kilian Stauss received the award. The award prizes the extraordinary spectrum of his work which ranges from communications design, about Interior design, product design to interface design and the "art in public space".

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