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Ideas and targets

The Stankowski Foundation, initiated by Anton Stankowski in 1983, aims at emphasizing art and design as a unity and at overcoming the separation of free and applied art and design. The Foundation endeavours to make use of the informational value of art and promote the concurrence with neighbouring professions. According to the Foundation’s intent, awards go to designers working in a crossover way.

In addition to these results from the workshops of designers and artists, the Foundation also watches activities from other fields regarding the subject of art and design. Award winners can therefore be, besides artists and designers, persons and institutions particularly promoting the connection of art and design – whether in science, technology or in other social areas. Everywhere art and design has its place as a unity the Stankowksi Foundation looks for prizeworthy creational work. A further goal of the Foundation lies in keeping the memory of Anton Stankowski the painter, designer, photographer and author.

Since his death in 1998, the Stankowski Foundation looks after and manages his extensive artistic estate, consisting of paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, commercial art, and a library. Galleries and museums can lend works for exhibitions.

The Foundation also grants permissions for printing extracts from Anton Stankowski’s oeuvre.


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